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5 Advantages of Owning a Wifi Security Camera

5 Advantages of Owning a Wifi Security Camera

Having a security camera can help keep your home safe. With the crime rate going up, safety has become a very important aspect. People are willing to spend any amount to keep their homes safe. It comes as no wonder if WIFI security cameras are increasingly gaining popularity. Thanks to the ever evolving technology, you can today even get real time images of all the cameras. The quality of images produced by the WIFI security cameras today are beyond anyone’s imagination.

There are many ways in which WIFI security cameras can help you and prove that they are better than the traditional wired security cameras. The top five ways in which WIFI security camera can help you are:

  • No Wires Involved: The first and foremost benefit is that you don’t have to worry about how to connect the wires and where to connect them. The WIFI option gives you the facility of placing the camera at any place of your choice without having to worry about the length of the wire.

  • Ease of Installation: With no wires involved, you can easily install the cameras at any place and any angle. Drilling holes for wiring and to mount camera is a painful method that destroys the walls and also time taking and costly. All this can be done away with because of WIFI cameras.

  • Low Costs: It doesn’t come as a surprise that it is less expensive to install a WIFI security camera as compared to wired security cameras. The reasons are obvious. There is no wiring involved. No wiring means there is no drilling. There no other structural changes involved. This cuts down the usage of tools and hence the cost comes down.

  • Distance Covered: Depending on the kind of camera you purchase, you can capture images up to a good distance of even 10 miles. The image would still be very crisp and sharp. The cameras can also infiltrate through any opaque objects that obstruct the view.

  • Easy to Upload: It is very easy to upload to cloud storage. Your pictures can be uploaded automatically to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

In fact, a WIFI security camera can do wonders. A rugged Android phone can do wonders in this regard. Let’s take a look at it this way. Even if you have a WIFI baby monitor in your home to look after your kid, that’s not everything you need. A WIFI baby monitor can only look after your kids. Instead, if you have an Android rugged phone that also works with your baby monitor, it will be amazing, isn’t it? In fact, the best baby video monitors do exactly this.